Mastermind JAPAN 的副牌 Mastermind WORLD 以其獨特的暗黑風格著稱於世,現已攜手 Sega Sammy Group 旗下的飛鏢靶供應商 DARTSLIVE,推出了令人震撼的聯名系列商品。 Mastermind WORLD 不僅將其高調的奢華風格引入這次的聯名商品,更是巧妙地將其標誌性的暗黑元素注入到了 DARTSLIVE Home Set 的各種商品中。這次的聯名合作推出了一系列產品,包括原創飛鏢靶、鏢靶桿架、LED 燈、地毯、Mastermind 品牌的黃銅飛鏢,以及貼紙等商品,每一件產品都體現出 Mastermind WORLD 的無可挑剔的品味和對品質的執著。 此次的聯名商品為套裝組合,不獨立販售,請提前做好準備,畢竟這樣的機會可是難得一見。 從街頭風格到奢華風格,Mastermind WORLD 和 DARTSLIVE 的這次合作,無疑將為飛鏢愛好者提供了一個全新的視覺體驗,同時也讓我們期待未來將會有更多的時尚與娛樂的深度合作。 DARTSLIVE home Size (approx.) 56.4 cm (diameter) x 3.27 cm (thickness) Playing area Approx. 15.5 inches Material Plastic Power supply USB or 2 AAA batteries DARTSLIVE Pole Stand Installable ceiling height 2.1m to 2.7m Pole diameter: approx. 39mm Load capacity (dartboard attachment): approx. 8 kg or less Load capacity (tablet stand) approx. 3kg or less DARTSLIVE Home Slow Mat Size (approx.) H312.0cm x W77.5cm Material Surface : Nylon Back: Rubber Set Contents DARTSLIVE Home DARTSLIVE Pole Stand DARTSLIVE Home LED LIGHT DARTSLIVE Home Throw Mat (original design) MASTERMIND Brass Darts Set (gold engraved) x 2 sets MASTERMIND Brass Darts Set (silver engraved) x 2 sets Original sticker sheet A silver-colored model with the Mastermind World icon "skull" and "MASTERMIND" logo decorated on the frame has been specially created. The darts live home, designed to fit in with the interior design, and the brand's sense of style that attracts people from all over the world are fused together to create a dartboard that can only be found here.